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So I had a friend cum admirer cum suitor (ladies will understand this) that came visiting after I returned from a long trip during the aggressive pandemic era last year.

Bro is a doctor, a frontline health worker for that matter and that visit was his first time outside the hospital vicinity in a long while. Anything for love, abi? The “you’re my chocolate, you’re my ata rodo, anything for you” lori iro story. Lol.

So in my unsuspecting troublesome manner, after about an hour long since his arrival, I teasingly told him that I’ve been indoors the whole time cos I was on isolation.

People! My brother got up o. Immediately I mentioned isolation, his eyeballs began to flare out from one point to another. He started sweating profusely and I saw real fear in his eyes.


Even when I later admitted I was just pulling his ears, he couldn’t sit a minute longer anymore. He couldn’t imagine haven been careful as a frontline health professional the whole time, he came to get COVID cheaply from what he must have thought as an “unnecessary visit”.

The fear of COVID!

If I truly had it, I should deal with it alone, huh? Then when I’m well, we revert to, “please, marry me”. Lol

My Dad used to tell a very funny story of a woman that wouldn’t stop wailing and throwing tantrums when the remains of her husband was being lowered into the ground. She threw herself everywhere and was inconsolably threatening to follow the coffin.

The priest eventually had it up to his neck with her attitude and stopped the internment. He asked that no one should stop the woman anymore and they should all give her a few minutes to get herself in her husband’s coffin before continuing.

Well, your guess is as good as mine. She ran off the cliff of the graveside.

I am just trying to show you that one of the hardest (if not the most impossible) things to do is to die with someone. Even persons who think they’re willing to give it all up for you often begin to reconsider in the face of sore challenges.

Just see how my friend ran for his dear life cos of a mere COVID scare.

COVID that he knew could be treated. Lol

The woman ran off when the chance she so desired was finally given her to follow her husband to the grave beyond

But guess what?

Once upon a time, there lived a man who wasn’t only willing to die with you, he decided to lay down his life FOR YOU.


Yes, you!

You are that important.

He counted the cost, he was mocked, he was scorned, he was even dared. Still, he found you worth it.

You, my darling, were worth every single stroke on Jesus’ side.

You were worth every single pint of his blood shed.

You think it was easy for Jesus to swallow when those guys dared him with “you have been saving people, now save yourself”?

You think Jesus couldn’t have saved himself if he wanted to?

I once visualized Jesus yielding to their dares and climbing down the cross just to prove a point to everyone that He wasn’t a weakling.

But he didn’t do that.

He bore it all. It wasn’t easy, but you were worth it.

You’re still worth it, my brother and sister.

Anytime that ugly voice in your head try to talk you down, try to make you feel useless to yourself and humanity, remember the man that counted all the cost and still saw you were worth it.

Anytime you feel too broke to be useful in life, you lost someone or properties, you lost a job, you’re going through marital crisis, whatsoever, please remember Jesus gave it all for you just because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

You are worth it, dear.

You’re worth every single piece of goodness in this life and the one after.

You’re worth it.

You were worth it from the inception of the world, you have been worth it, you’re worth it now, you will continue to be worth it.

Never forget that!





About Grace Ochigbo

Grace Ochigbo is a Christian, storyteller, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Gemstone Sickle Cell Aid Team, a non-profit organizations working to end Sickle Cell Disease. email;

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