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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Lizzy takes her eyes from the computer she’s been typing away on the whole time. There’s still a lot to do. Regius Dynasty has a grand upcoming event and deliveries must be done from Noma’s Bake Shop as timely as possible. They’ve not disappointed before; …

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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Patrick’s jerks and his face moves in the direction of the forcefully opened door. He watches with interest and concern as Akoji storms through the entire length of the outer chamber of the gym towards the inner chamber. The inner chamber is exclusive, more like …

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The I Never Married – Episode twenty

THE WIFE I NEVER MARRIED – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWENTY Udale opened the bathroom door halfway again and handed Laibe a milk silky towel without looking in. “Be faster, let me show you how to fix this,” she added as Laibe’s wet hands collected the towel. She moved backwards to …

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