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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Lizzy takes her eyes from the computer she’s been typing away on the whole time. There’s still a lot to do. Regius Dynasty has a grand upcoming event and deliveries must be done from Noma’s Bake Shop as timely as possible. They’ve not disappointed before; …

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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Patrick’s jerks and his face moves in the direction of the forcefully opened door. He watches with interest and concern as Akoji storms through the entire length of the outer chamber of the gym towards the inner chamber. The inner chamber is exclusive, more like …

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Nimi Peters – Episode 19

NIMI PETERS – Grace Ochigbo Nimi made sure a smile was glued to his face as he hugged her tightly. This was not a fake smile, it was real and obvious. Damn! He couldn’t believe it’s been three years. The things technology has done; calls, chats, video calls and all, …

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Nimi Peters – Episode 17

NIMI PETERS – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE SEVENTEEN Mr Johnson paused as he heard his phone ring. He pulled it out and stared intensely the screen for a while. “Your Nigerian number is still connecting?” his eyes sort of spelt out the question instead. Joelyn chuckled lightly. “I’m roaming, Father! Good …

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Nimi Peters – Episode 15

NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO Episode Fifteen Edward hurried out of the lounge and after Nimi. The latter wasn’t stopping at all, neither was there the slightest sign of looking back as he walked briskly like he was being pursued like a wounded tiger. “C’mon Mehn! We barely got here…” …

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Nimi Peters – Episode 11

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo Episode Eleven Nimi quickly made for the door immediately the doorbell chimed. He stared back at the person in front of his door as though she was a stranger. She was literally shaking due to the early morning Harmattan cold. “I’m not welcomed here anymore?” …

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