NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Lizzy takes her eyes from the computer she’s been typing away on the whole time. There’s still a lot to do. Regius Dynasty has a grand upcoming event and deliveries must be done from Noma’s Bake Shop as timely as possible. They’ve not disappointed before; they are not about to […]


NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Patrick’s jerks and his face moves in the direction of the forcefully opened door. He watches with interest and concern as Akoji storms through the entire length of the outer chamber of the gym towards the inner chamber. The inner chamber is exclusive, more like VIP and Patrick only lets […]

Nimi Peters – Episode 19

NIMI PETERS – Grace Ochigbo Nimi made sure a smile was glued to his face as he hugged her tightly. This was not a fake smile, it was real and obvious. Damn! He couldn’t believe it’s been three years. The things technology has done; calls, chats, video calls and all, has extinguished the importance of […]

Nimi Peters – Episode 17

NIMI PETERS – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE SEVENTEEN Mr Johnson paused as he heard his phone ring. He pulled it out and stared intensely the screen for a while. “Your Nigerian number is still connecting?” his eyes sort of spelt out the question instead. Joelyn chuckled lightly. “I’m roaming, Father! Good afternoon sir.” “Well, it’s just […]


BLINKERED – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWENTY FOUR Rough hands grabbed me, forcing me down into a tunnel. My upper lip was perspiring; the tunnel was dark and cold, the end invisible in the distance. Was there an end? I wanted to steady myself against the walls but the thought of insects crawling on my hand […]


BLINKERED – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWENTY AN END IN SIGHT Monday, 19th December “Jerry, I knew this will happen. I just knew this day would come. Even when I sleep, I’ve always seen this day coming. I was only foolishly patient, just foolishly waiting and hoping. Perhaps things will eventually click between us.” Lara said […]


BLINKERED- GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE EIGHTEEN He shook his head with so much empathy as he remained fixed at the door staring at his elder brother who held on to the window facing the city like a life-saver boat so lost in thoughts that he didn’t notice him come in. He had a slight inkling what […]


BLINKERED- GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWELVE Earlier this morning… Tosin dragged himself into his bathroom slippers and headed towards the door. “MTN Number you are trying to call is currently switched off, please…” Came out loudly from the speaker of the android phone in his hand. He hissed while the voice rattled on. He was really […]


BLINKERED- GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TEN Spending the whole revision week on the hospital bed wasn’t easy for me, there was no group discussion and no time to share ideas with course mates before exams. I could only imagine what my fate would have been if this exam wasn’t spaced at all. Even the one-day space […]


BLINKERED- GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE THREE THE HUNTED HUNTER Mondays are always the busiest and being a student makes this worse. It seems everyone wants to deliver his lecture on Mondays. l have been in school since 7am, see when am leaving… 5pm! The only thing on my mind right now is getting into that room […]