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Nimi Peters – Episode 15

NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO Episode Fifteen Edward hurried out of the lounge and after Nimi. The latter wasn’t stopping at all, neither was there the slightest sign of looking back as he walked briskly like he was being pursued like a wounded tiger. “C’mon Mehn! We barely got here…” …

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Nimi Peters – Episode Five

NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE FIVE Nimi turned his chair as his boss opened the door. Many things come across as surprises to him these days; one of which was Mr Johnson’s unusual visit to his office at a time close to lunch break. His secretary called him some …

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‘NIMI PETERS – Episode One

When you realise that all you have ever known about yourself is only a tip of the iceberg as to who you really are, then you understand, much more than the geographic theory of ‘the earth being spherical’, that life itself is a merry-go-round. (GRACE OCHIGBO ’17) EPISODE ONE Getting …

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