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This thing called LOVE – 21

This thing called  LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWENTY-ONE Anone stared helplessly as his phone rang out for the third time. He glanced in the direction where Victor was standing high over him while he yet lay with his back against the floor. “So what were you saying the last …

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This thing called LOVE – One

This thing called LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO Hi, We are back. We would be running weekly, that’s for sure. Then some bonuses from time to time. ☺ please make sure to read the Prologue before this episode. Hope to hear from you. Yours, Grace Ochigbo EPISODE ONE (Many times we use …

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This thing called LOVE – PROLOGUE

PROLOGUE Her brown, wrinkly skin looks like discared, wrinkled, paper bag left to itself. Her eyes, over the years, has grown dull and cloudy as though she has seen too much suffering. Her back is stooped over as if she carried invisible weights upon them. Her silver hair is thinning, …

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