TWO GRACES – GRACE OCHIGBO READ LAST EPISODE HERE TEN                  Quite funny how life brings similar things one’s way over an extended period of time. Sometimes, it can perfectly be named fate and at other times, coincidence or fact. Whatever the nomenclature, real life has proven smarter than the best of brains around. […]


TWO GRACES – GRACE OCHIGBO Click below for previous episodes EPISODE EIGHT            Falling in love with Ben was the easy part; it’s admitting to herself that it happened that’s hard. Grace Philips had these very efficient defenses for so long and Ben didn’t even notice them. How rude. Perhaps they were meant for […]


TWO GRACES – GRACE OCHIGBO FIVE                        The woman looked up from her cup of coffee. She was on a white flowery nighty and her hair neatly packed in a hair net. Aside the compulsory vertical line that aging was dragging down her smooth face at all cost, she still had the ambience of the […]


“Are you trying to starve me?” Her forehead furrowed. Yeah, this was a complete non-joke because at times like this it was insane to smile. “No, ma’am!” Mrs. Jesse responded as politely as she could mutter. “My bones were eating themselves up to stay alive.” Grace sounded even meaner and that made Mrs. Jesse wonder […]

Noma’s Dream – Episode 15

NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE FIFTEEN “It’s not what you think, Honey.” Prof Akpa finally finds his voice. He thinks about love and consequences for a minute before moving slowly towards the door where his wife is standing, frozen. Her eyes dead with fear and he knows better than to make any lighter this […]


NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE ELEVEN   Patrick couldn’t believe who his eyes is seeing. A yawn escapes his mouth and he wipes his eyes with the back of his left palm. Perhaps, the early morning sunrise shining brightly on his eyes is affecting his horizon of vision. He steps out and closes the […]

NOMA’S DREAM – Episode One

NOMA’S DREAM – Grace Ochigbo ONE One of the 4 inches’ heels, particularly the one on her left foot, slips off course. She’d stepped on a deep sandy surface, making her left leg hit a little stone right in front of her. The stone is little, but big enough to tipple her off an initial […]

This thing called LOVE – 22

This thing called LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWENTY-TWO As the police officer led Caleb into the visiting room, he couldn’t help but reminisce over how life had turned into something else in barely three months. Perhaps he should have continued with getting married to Unekwu at the time they’d fixed it. He shouldn’t have […]

This thing called LOVE – 19

This thing called LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE NINETEEN As they moved through the corridors of the last floor of the gigantic Kogi State Teaching Service Commission building, Detective Samson was careful not to say anything. The drive from the office of the state’s police commissioner down here had been quiet. They had less than […]

This thing called LOVE – ELEVEN

This thing called LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE ELEVEN Caleb could see the questions as the woman’s eyes followed him till he drove into the car park. He ignored the stares and took his time enough until he was sure he had the confidence to face her. He picked up his wallet and stepped down, […]