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So here’s to help you shop appropriately for a gift you want to present to me on my wedding day.  I will be going to a few notable departmental stores(will announce their names and address) to drop on their bridal registry computers the list of everything my husband and I …

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TWO GRACES – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWELVE                 Grace Oladele stepped aside as Alice opened the back door of the car. The latter placed two stainless flasks in there and made sure they were sitting properly before pulling her head out and closing the door. “Make sure you return the …

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This thing called LOVE – PROLOGUE

PROLOGUE Her brown, wrinkly skin looks like discared, wrinkled, paper bag left to itself. Her eyes, over the years, has grown dull and cloudy as though she has seen too much suffering. Her back is stooped over as if she carried invisible weights upon them. Her silver hair is thinning, …

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