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PLEASE MARRY ME – GRACE OCHIGBO CHAPTER EIGHT ILEANWA            Attah is refusing to give anyone the slightest breathing space tonight. He’s been reeling on and on about the military helicopter he entered at the base. How he had been completely awestruck and scared at the same time, when Uncle …

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TWO GRACES – GRACE OCHIGBO SEVENTEEN         She wouldn’t have accepted in her wildest imagination that a place like this existed in Ife. Few months ago, she could bet with her next salary that she’d scouted the nooks and cranny of this city – since undergraduate days through housejob and …

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This thing called LOVE – TEN

This thing called LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TEN Angela reluctantly pressed down the door locks of the car. She peered with sore fear written in her eyes. She doesn’t know anyone around here if this young man decides to do anything funny. No amount of shouts would bring Caleb’s …

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