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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Patrick’s jerks and his face moves in the direction of the forcefully opened door. He watches with interest and concern as Akoji storms through the entire length of the outer chamber of the gym towards the inner chamber. The inner chamber is exclusive, more like …

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EPISODE SIX “You mean he did that?” Akoji’s smiles can be handled on bare hands. He waits for the person on the other end of the call to finish talking. Then with a deep breath and a change in facial expression that means he’s not interested in the new line …

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I really hate to rigmarole. Have you ever been in a situation where you can spot where you are going to but because of all the high fences, you can’t readily go there? I’ll explain. I once lived in a place where from the main express road, I can see …

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Nimi Peters – Episode Ten

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo EPISODE TEN Mr Johnson sipped his mixed-fruits green tea as he scrolled through one of his three Ipads, sorting out the lots and lots of mails he got over the past few days he spent at the hospital. Being an extremely lazy person when it …

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Nimi Peters – Episode Nine

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo EPISODE NINE Tolu drew longer from the pipe. He sneezed suddenly and blessed himself. He hasn’t been able to wrap his head around what next to do ever since the last time Joelyn was here. He regretted threatening and scaring her away with a knife …

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