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Nimi Peters – Episode 11

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo Episode Eleven Nimi quickly made for the door immediately the doorbell chimed. He stared back at the person in front of his door as though she was a stranger. She was literally shaking due to the early morning Harmattan cold. “I’m not welcomed here anymore?” …

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Nimi Peters – Episode six

NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE SIX Ojima Peters paced restlessly round the sitting room. She grabbed the edge of her wrapper that was attempting to fall off her waist and retied it well. She thought something was itching the back of her hand. Was she sweating? Well, tones and …

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The Wife I Never Married – Episode Thirty

THE WIFE I NEVER MARRIED – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE THIRTY “…1…0…1…3…10… OK sir… alright sir. I’ll definitely do the needful as soon as I can. Thank God, you just confirmed they actually live in Ankpa and not Lokoja.” He turned his face, when he felt the door creaked, to see …

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