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TWO GRACES – GRACE OCHIGBO READ LAST EPISODE HERE TEN                  Quite funny how life brings similar things one’s way over an extended period of time. Sometimes, it can perfectly be named fate and at other times, coincidence or fact. Whatever the nomenclature, real life has proven smarter than …

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PHILOPHOBIA SHORT STORY by Grace Ochigbo The long awaited day split open like it’s not the same one Ojoma had been looking forward to – her whole life? Yeah. Maybe. Probably. It feels like a lifetime already since a year ago when she first met Joshua; Josh, as his friends …

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NOMA’S DREAM – Episode One

NOMA’S DREAM – Grace Ochigbo ONE One of the 4 inches’ heels, particularly the one on her left foot, slips off course. She’d stepped on a deep sandy surface, making her left leg hit a little stone right in front of her. The stone is little, but big enough to …

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