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‘Nimi Peters – Episode Two

‘NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWO Nimi pulled over at his car park tiredly. He wished something would miraculously disconnect his phone from the Bluetooth device hanging onto his left ear. He could drop a call on anyone else, definitely not on his mother. His craziness was never getting …

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‘NIMI PETERS – Episode One

When you realise that all you have ever known about yourself is only a tip of the iceberg as to who you really are, then you understand, much more than the geographic theory of ‘the earth being spherical’, that life itself is a merry-go-round. (GRACE OCHIGBO ’17) EPISODE ONE Getting …

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The Wife I Never Married – Episode Four

THE WIFE I NEVER MARRIED-GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE FOUR “Matron, horrible things are happening in this town these days” a nurse said immediately she entered through the door of the matron’s office. The office look quite too downgraded for a whole local government general hospital building; wooden chairs lay facing another …

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