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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Patrick’s jerks and his face moves in the direction of the forcefully opened door. He watches with interest and concern as Akoji storms through the entire length of the outer chamber of the gym towards the inner chamber. The inner chamber is exclusive, more like …

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NOMA’S DREAM – GRACE OCHIGBO Agefu stares coldly from where she’s standing still holding onto the door knob of her one-bedroom apartment. She doesn’t seem to understand, in the very least, what the men in front of her are saying. “We advise you to remain quiet, Miss Agefu, as whatever …

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Shed some weight.

WEIGHT LOSS To gain weight or lose it is not really the matter , the most important thing is to be aware of the side you fall on. I could vividly remember one man I engaged in conversation about his new look (chubby) , he said “there is no antidote …

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Health benefits of Honey

HEALTH BENEFITS OF HONEY Do you know Honey can boost your Memory? For Ladies, do you know Honey is a natural Hair conditioner? For guys, do you know Honey can solve Dandruff problems? Find out more as you go through this. I guarantee it would do you a lot of …

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The Teeth 1 out of every 5 persons have teeth disease in which they are managing. The teeth is an essential part of digestion of food. If there is a problem, it means digestion of certain foodstuffs will be affected. How then can we take proper care of our teeth …

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Have you ever witnessed an asthmatic attack? And you wonder what has triggered this person? People keep saying it has no cure, no particular cause, then how can we help an asthmatic patient? *ASTHMA* Asthma is a disease that affects the breathing passages of the lungs. This then make breathing …

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