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PLEASE MARRY ME – GRACE OCHIGBO CHAPTER 13 AYEGBA         My brain is still on static as I ruminate on the most appropriate response to give to Mona’s question but when I notice discomfort filling up his face, I quickly clear my throat. “Dude, love always knows how to find …

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Love In A Photograph- Two

LOVE In A Photograph – Grace Ochigbo TWO                   Ezinne killed the engine of her car as soon as she parked it beside the two other cars in the parking lot. Pulling the box of cake nearer, she picked it and stepped out of the car. Their prayers had been …

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Noma’s Dream – Episode Four

Noma’s Dream – Grace Ochigbo Episode Four The ringing comes out loudly again and this time it feels like he could hear it in the deepest part of his brain. How one cannot have a sound sleep in a house he single-handedly and completely paid for and owns, beats his …

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This thing called LOVE – 22

This thing called LOVE – GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWENTY-TWO As the police officer led Caleb into the visiting room, he couldn’t help but reminisce over how life had turned into something else in barely three months. Perhaps he should have continued with getting married to Unekwu at the time they’d …

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