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                       The woman looked up from her cup of coffee. She was on a white flowery nighty and her hair neatly packed in a hair net. Aside the compulsory vertical line that aging was dragging down her smooth face at all cost, she still had the ambience of the gorgeous general’s wife they’d all known.

“Yeah… it was a restful night!” she replied, pulling the tray bearing her coffee cup and glass of fresh milk closer to create space.

Grace Philips blinked at that act. If she didn’t know her mother well enough, she would have had no problem with sitting down on the bed beside her.

              The woman called her two nights ago while at the second Grace’s house. Over the years and for convenience, Grace Philips and her mother had negotiated and arrived at what they both called ‘call times’ – every Monday morning, Wednesday evening, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. They said to leave Sunday out as ‘miscellaneous’, just in case. Somehow, both parties have been faithful with this arrangement so much so that immediately Grace Philips saw ‘Mum’ on her caller ID that night, she knew it couldn’t be a good news.

And she was right.

From her voice, the older woman sounded weak and tired. Grace Philips couldn’t keep her heart from racing as she considered a thousand and one possibilities of what must be going on with her mother or better still the shortest route to Kogi state that night.

“I would be coming over first thing tomorrow morning.” The woman concluded before ending the call.

Grace Philips had been so dazed and unaware of her environment until her friend jolted her back. Her mother was a known hypertensive for as long as she could remember –what’s expected of the wife of a soldier? –and frankly, the woman was handling her health pretty well. She looked stronger and healthier than a lot of non-hypertensive her age. Throughout the remaining few minutes Grace Philips spent in Grace Oladele’s house, she had her mind in a war zone. By the time she got into her bedroom, she bent tiredly until her two knees hit the bare floor and a lone tear dropped down her eyes.

Lord, please, let nothing happen to my Ethan or my mother!”

She felt weak at the ankles and collapsed onto the bed. It’s been long since she last felt completely helpless and weak like that. She prayed, yes, but if they were to go by her faith reading, the prayer won’t go near the firmament.

As soon as her alarm went off by 5am, she picked her phone to dial her mother’s number.

“How is it going, mum?”

“We will take off by 6!” the older woman responded casually.

Her mother had said something about getting their family driver to bring her down in her car. That sounded fair enough in Grace Philips’ opinion.

                 Work for Grace yesterday started as one pushing a heavy cart up a rough edged hill. She caught her mind wandering a lot of times. Thankfully, she didn’t particularly have any official assignment, so she just stayed behind closed doors in her office doing her personal stuffs on the internet – reading stories from her favorite author of all times, Lauren Kingsbury! She also spoke with Kayode Excellence over the phone for a long time. The latter initially sounded angry at her for standing him up the day before, not picking his call neither returning it. She found an explanation. Especially to cover the part where she and Ben had gone for lunch.

“Prof needed us to work on something. So I was in a meeting with him.” She lied. Then continued with the emergency with Grace Oladele’s son and how that she had to be there to give her friend moral support. She was careful not to mention anything about her mother. ‘cos she knew Kay and all he’s capable of doing.

“By the time I got home, I was exhausted!” she exhaled loudly.

“Pele!” Kay said, feeling bad for accusing her wrongly. “Did you stay back at home? You really don’t have any business in the ward today!”

“No. I came to work!”

At that point, Grace Philips quietly thanked the good conscience that prompted her to come to work. Otherwise, Kay could have made his usual unsolicited appearance in her house.

“So are we having lunch?” she heard his coy voice mixed with a chuckle come through her ears.

She sat up on her seat and wiped a pint of sweat off her forehead. Ben gave her a rather ridiculous condition after their lunch the day before. He legit asked they have lunch together again the next day, “same time, same venue”, he’d emphasized.

Oh lord, I’m not about to do this! She groaned inaudibly.

“Gracey?” Kay called out. “It’s okay if you’re busy!”

“Yeaah… kinda…” she didn’t sound persuasive enough even to her own self. “It’s still about this prof’s work. I’m supposed to meet with the team again today.” She mouthed, afraid the words would stain her buccal cavity

“Good luck, hon!” Kay said lovingly, paused a little while and continued. “Perhaps, I should bring yours over to the house!”

Never give up Kay! Typical. Grace thought.

“Awwwn, that would be so lovely…” Grace was careful not to give herself away easily. “…only that I don’t know how long the meeting with prof would take and I also want to drop by Grace’s house too – to check on her son, that sort of thing…” her tongue felt glued to the upper part of her mouth. “And you know how Grace can be with someone refusing her food.”

Kay kept quiet for a long time, not objecting, not concurring. That silence scared Grace Philips. She could only hope the man wasn’t reading her that much.

“Let’s do it this way…” she broke the silence, trying to ease the tension she’d created. “How about I call if I finish early. And if not, we’ll do this another day. Please?”

“Alright.” Kay simply concurred and ended the call before Grace Philips could say any more thing.

Grace held tightly onto her phone while combating with that inner little voice called conscience.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ her mind asked the all-important question she’s been unable to secure the right response to again.

She began to wipe the screen of her laptop in front of her as though it was the reason for anything that had happened. It felt like she was setting up a fire – the type of fire that would consume her sooner or later.

A beep on her phone again dried up some fluid in her eyes.

Why was she so scared? She wondered.

As she used the finger sensor, she hoped it’s not Kay sending her a long epistle about how sad he was feeling and the likes. Her phone finally unlocked, it was a text message;

Was wondering if you’ve tasted afang soup before? Of course, not my surname. Leemao.’

A light chuckle escaped her. Sincerely, she had been surprised when Ben first introduced himself as Benedict Afang. She had always thought Afang to be a soup and not anyone’s surname.

Do you know any restaurant that sells delicious afang soup? Local man is having weird cravings.’ Came another text message bearing a winking emoji.

Grace Philips smiled again. It’s not a soup readily eaten by everybody, and to make matters worse, in a Yoruba land. If it’s not èfó riro, egusi filled with oily stew, gbegìrì, ìla álásèpò, she didn’t know any other special soup eaten in the locality. She made to type a response when her phone beeped again.

‘So I was directed to this woman at the main market (òjá). Luckily for me she had most of the ingredients I needed. Now my house is bubbling with sweet aroma.’

Grace couldn’t help her smiles any longer. How the man was working his way through all the senses she owned beat her imagination. The phone in her hand buzzed and began to ring,


She plugged the earpiece of her Bluetooth device and sat up as though the caller could see her sitting position.

“Hey!” his calm voice came through her ears. There’s something in the way he said the ‘hey’ that made her feel divine about her existence. It was a good feeling.

“Hey, what’s up?” she responded.

“Calling to say lunch was ready, Mummy!” his voice appeared to coerce her weak joints.

“I thought we said same time, same venue yesterday?”

“Well…” he dragged the ‘L’, “I want you to taste from the rich heritage of my people in south-south”

Grace Philips blushed at that statement.

“Truth is, this was specially made with you in mind. So?” he waited, then continued. “It’s lunch time in 30mins. I’ll text the address!”

Grace didn’t know the right thing to say. She wasn’t going to a man’s house to have lunch. No. Not one hell of a handsome man she already liked this much. And as though Ben read her mind,

“Lunch, Dr. Grace. Strictly lunch!”

She let out a deep breath she didn’t know she had been holding on to the whole time.

“The silence is a yes then. Address in a jiffy. See you soon, milady!”

Ben’s voice was filled with excitement as he made the last statement.

What had he said about his specially preparing a soup for her? Grace felt this invisible butterfly eating up the scanty hair around her navel.

She had a lot of reservations but as soon as the message bearing his home address came into her phone from Ben, she was certain about her next action much more than anything else.

                   Walking into Ben’s apartment an hour later and the aroma he talked about over the phone hadn’t mellowed an inch, she knew she was in for a super lunch. She’d never tasted Afang soup in her entire life and there was no better time to. The interior of Ben’s house depicted vividly the type of man he must be. Brown leather seats made a C-shaped curve around a glistering glass center table. The walls were bare – all cream colored – but the paintings hanging down made it look so attractive, for want of a better word. She walked to one of the paintings. It was a woman with her baby strapped firmly to her back and carrying a clay pot on her head while her right hand held onto an older baby walking beside her. She took a deep breath.

How every woman bears burdens large enough to drown her yet she finds a way to stay strong and focused enough to weather the storms that came her way.

“You like artworks as well?”

“You have no idea.” Ben said loudly from the kitchen. “In my house in Sokoto, you wouldn’t even see the bare wall…” he walked out with a ceramic bowl in his hands.  He stopped when he saw Grace, she was still rubbing her palm over the portrait. “You love arts too, I guess!”

Grace turned to face him nodding in the affirmative.

“One more thing we have in common.” He pulled the apron over his head and hung it on the handle of one of the chairs. “I promised I’ll point out all the things we had in common, one per outing. That’s today’s.” he said amidst smiles.

                     Grace sucked in a sharp breath. Gawking wouldn’t quite describe her state. She was shocked, stunned, flabbergasted, amazed, wonderstruck, mesmerized by his physique. In the hospital, Ben looked just like any other doctor walking around the wards in his tie and ward coat. But there, stripped off to a tight t-shirt and black shorts his muscles popped right out. It was nothing like she had ever seen before. His stature was drool-worthy.

“I ehm… let me help you with that.” Grace hurried over to and collected the spoon from him. She began to dish the sweet-smelling soup from the big bowl into two smaller ones. She needed to do this to distract herself. Whatever was happening to her, she was yet to recover.

“Thanks, ma’am!” Ben flashed a smile.

Grace just kept her face locked on what she was doing.

“I didn’t get to ask which swallow you’d prefer, so I got everything…” they laughed at the sound of that. “Seriously,” he pulled another bigger bowl nearer and removed the lid. “Here, fufu, garri, and semolina. Enjoy!”

At this point, Grace burst into an uncontrollable laughter that made her drop onto one of the chairs in the dining room. She had not met someone more interesting.

The grand entrance of the swallow surrounded by the rich afang soup on her tongue caused a revolution in her entire system. The soup was so delicious she would have eaten the plate in which it was served. She complimented Ben so long and so genuinely, he felt flattered.

“But seriously, how did you learn how to cook this good?”

Ben chuckled as he explained his ordeal into making foods. It was his Ex. The beautiful Ibibio lady, Eno-obong, had taken it upon herself to make him a master chef for reasons best known to her. Grace felt a tinge of jealousy creak through her heart but overall, she was impressed and well entertained. Her mother called her while they were still eating. She decided to inform Ben about her mother’s arrival in the evening. What she wouldn’t readily tell Kay. Ben wasn’t that interested in talking about her mum’s journey and visit as he was in finishing the tale on his cooking adventure. He wasn’t quite done with his tale when he received a call Grace thought was pretty awkward. The conversation was strained, or so she thought.

 “How far?” Ben asked simply, picking on second ring.

Grace pretended to be lost in the food but could hear the conversations clearly.

“Where are you?” asked the caller.

“In my house!” was Ben’s reply.

“You sound too awake and excited for someone that hadn’t gone anywhere today.”

Grace noticed Ben’s eyes darting around. “Well, it’s because I’m eating my favorite. And you are interrupting right now, so I’d just call you back, alright?” he ended the call.

Grace readjusted in her seat, keeping up with her feigned unavailability.

Who could that be?

Ben smiled uncomfortably while replacing his phone on the table and picked up from where he stopped on how he learnt how to cook so deliciously.

When it was time to leave, Ben opted to drop her at her house but she nicely said No,

“I found this place myself without your help. So I can find my way. Plus, I drove!”

                    Ben saw her point but Grace knew what she said wasn’t her reason for objecting to his suggestion. She wouldn’t have the two men know her house.

               She got home just in time to join Mrs. Jesse prepare the other bedroom for her mother. Hopefully, the woman won’t insist on sleeping in her own bedroom. She had to call Mrs. Jesse over this morning; to clean the place and very importantly prepare a sumptuous meal for her mother. Few minutes after giving Mrs. Jesse her transport fare before discharging her for the day, her gate opened. She ran to peep by the window. A strange feeling of joy erupted her soul as she washed her mother walk into the compound, closely followed by their family driver who was pulling a medium-sized box behind. Grace wondered where the weakness the older woman had presented to her over the phone disappeared to as she made for the door.

                       They collapsed in each other’s arms in a warm long hug and Mrs. Eju Philips didn’t hesitate to pray for her first child while she was still hugging her tightly. Grace greeted the family driver warmly too. He was her late father’s official driver and long after his death, her mother still regarded him as a part of their family. She still paid him like her husband would, if he were to be alive. She really had nowhere far to go, and was still able to drive herself around Lokoja when necessary, but whenever there was a cause to travel like this, she summoned him.

“My queen, your place gets more and more beautiful by every new visit!”

Grace Philips blushed like a puppy. “Thanks, Mum. You see you brought up your daughter well.”

“That I’m sure of.” The older woman affirmed.

After a sumptuous dinner – Grace trusted Mrs. Jesse to deliver excellently anytime – Mrs. Eju Philips released the driver. He was to go get a hotel in town to stay the night before returning to Lokoja by morning. Eju Philips knew nothing about how long she was staying for but she knew she wouldn’t be needing the man’s assistance soon. He would return to drive her back whenever she was ready. She said a little here and there to her daughter; about business, her loneliness, her sons, she loved to address as ‘run-away’ children, and basically everything except the supposed depreciating health that had brought her down.

“Have you been taking your drugs, mum?” Grace Philips asked, ignoring the other parts of the conversation. She considered them irrelevant, especially that the woman wasn’t due to leave in three days. They would be a lot of time to talk.

“I’m a proud mother of a consultant, my queen. I know what it means to comply with your doctor’s prescription.”

That made Grace laugh loud and she gave her mother a high five. “Mumsy never disappoint!”

The woman rose her shoulder in pride and Grace laughed harder. When she was able to stop herself, she cleared her throat.

“You have to rest now, mum. A friend of mine should come check you tomorrow.” She didn’t wait for a response. No need to prolong conversation. “Good night, sweet mum!”

“God bless you, my queen!” Eju Philips responded, putting off the light.

                     First thing Mrs. Eju Philips did after praying when she woke up was to head to the kitchen. Grace’s sophisticated appliances and the color combination made that fairly large space look inviting. Inside the refrigerator were a variety of things, and one thing her eyes readily found was the layer with piles of ice-cream. She knew how ice-cream can be used to lure her only daughter, no thanks to her father. She’d always maintained that he was the one that spoilt Grace. Because she’d been in the house before, she could locate things with ease. There was the brand of coffee she especially loved to have, and thankfully Grace had it. She made a cup of coffee quickly, put it in a tray alongside a glass of fresh milk before returning to her bedroom. As she walked, she could hear machine sounds coming from Grace’s room. The poor girl must be on her treadmill.

She was still drinking when Grace came in all dressed for work. Her daughter was gorgeous in all sense of the word. When Grace was a little girl, Eju Philips often bragged about her daughter among the other military officers’ wives in the barracks.

Na me born this fine pikin?” She’d always rattled in Pidgin English. “God, why won’t I thank you forever?”

Tapping her hand on the space she just created beside her, she motioned Grace to sit.

The latter felt uneasy as she pulled the edges of her lilac gown over her knee.

“How do you feel this morning, mummy?” she attempted to break the deafening silence that was beginning to engulf the entire room.

Eju Philips gave a slight smile that didn’t get to her eyes. “Nah! I think the question should be reversed.”

“Oh well then…” Grace stood up and picked her bag. She wasn’t cut out for her mother’s show this morning. “Some of us still go to work in the morning, mum! We will have to reserve the reversal until I’m done from work.”

                 Eju Philips kept a smile plastered on her face. She knew her daughter so well. She had resolved in her heart not to force a conversation between Grace and her ever again, especially on her emotional state. After the lady threatened her years ago about disappearing from their lives if they disturbed her any further, she had resorted to doing exactly what her pastor told her,

Everything manifesting in the physical must have first happened in the spiritual realm. Mrs. Philips, we must begin to fight this war on her knees henceforth.”

 But how long can she keep up with that?

“Mum, you already know your way around the house. Foods are packed in the freezer. Stew, soup, what have you.” She smiled as she remembered the extra plate of afang soup Ben had given her yesterday. That too was… “in the freezer, mum. Make yourself comfortable.”

She pulled down the handle of the door, then she remembered something and turned to face her mother who was now sipping her coffee again.

“As I said yesterday, my friend would come in to check you later today. As soon as he is free, we should both come together.”

The coffee spilled from Eju Philips hand as she almost choked. Grace gave her a look colored with confusion but she smiled victoriously.

“Your friend is a he?” she furrowed her forehead.

Grace Philips looked down at her mother long enough until she was sure her nerves were calm.

“Don’t get too excited, general’s wife. He’s just a friend.” She stepped out and slammed the door hard behind her.


Omolola Jesse tried to calm the aggrieved members of her group.

“No. you should never say that to me.” Tony, one of the tallest boys in class roared.

“And who are you?” came Becky G’s voice.

Rebecca Danladi was one young lady notorious for standing up to people, whoever. She can never pretend to be fine with whatever wasn’t sitting well with her. That was the reason they started calling her Becky G, G for general. Omolola hadn’t been thrilled from the beginning that they both have to be in the same group but there was nothing she could do. And at times like this, when Becky G was at loggerheads with Tony again, the only option left for her is try to calm them down.

“Guys, this work is due first thing tomorrow morning. We’re not going to make headway with all these.”

“Tell him!” Becky G pointed accusing fingers in Tony’s direction and that made him boil even more.

“Tell her…” Tony screamed. Then he turned to Usman, he’d been calm the whole time. “You won’t say anything?”

Omolola watched Usman smile peacefully while nodding his head from side to side. If only everyone in her group could be like Usman.

“Anyway, let’s talk about how to get this done with. We…” she was interrupted by the ringing on her phone. She pulled it from the pocket of her kimono.

MUM! Her eyes glazed.

“Excuse me, guys.” She stepped out of the classroom. “E kárò, Ma!” she reflexively bent her knees as she greeted her mother, Good morning.

The woman responded to her greetings with excitement while she waited for eagerly to know the reason for the call.

“Today?” she exclaimed. “Mum, I have this group project work that’s due first thing tomorrow morning. Can’t that wait?”

“Keep quiet, Omolola.” The woman yelled. “Do you know whether she would be staying longer than today? I expect you to even stop whatever you are doing now and hurry over to Doctor’s house. I never raised an ingrate.” She drew a long hiss.

“Mum, this is not about being an ingrate…”

“Keep quiet.” The older woman cut in again. “Stop whatever you are doing and meet me in doctor’s house in few minutes. Did I make myself clear?”

Omolola fumbled some inaudible words to herself

“Did I make myself clear?”

She heard the angry tone of her mum call out again.

“Yes, mum!”


              Ben stared at the screen of his phone for another half a minute. His throat thickened and he was struggling to put his body still intact in the purple scrub he was wearing. He pulled the gloves from his right hand and collected his phone before stepping out of the theatre.

“Why are you proving difficult?” the bowl of anger in him was threatening to pour out through his voice as he listened to what the caller was saying.

“You really should be more understanding.” His voice came an inch lower. “Do I do this before? Shouldn’t you worry something must be wrong?”

The voice of the caller appeared to be too loud, so he withdrew the phone from his ear a little bit.

“Come, I’m in the theatre right now. I’ll call you as soon as I leave here. How about that?” his voice was pleading now but the caller wasn’t in the least consoled. “I’ll call you right back, OK?” he mouthed and ended the call immediately. Without further delay, he put the phone on silence before throwing it angrily into his pocket.

Taking a deep breath, he checked himself out in the glass doors. Hopefully, he hadn’t been screaming enough to call the attention of the surgeons behind the closed door. He shrugged. A doctor is also a human being after all.

As he pulled back the door, he thought he heard someone call his name.

Not now, he groaned, keeping a repulsive frown on his face.

Grace Philips hurried over to him. She had seen him from afar when he first stepped out and despite the excitement with which she wanted to approach him, she had to mellow down and stay some distance as Ben seemed to be having a heated argument over the phone. She heard some part of the conversation. Whoever the lady asking for money was must really be holding Ben by his throat.

“Is everything alright?” she asked as soon as he could see her.

Ben cleared his throat lightly. “My younger sister. Whenever she needs money, she needs it immediately.” Ben spat, full of frustration.

His facial expression caused a broad smile to appear on Grace’s face. Somehow, she could relate.

“It’s not her fault. We all think doctors are the richest. Let alone a consultant neurosurgeon.”

“On whose side are you, young woman?” Ben queried, finally yielding to a smile. “But seriously though, these people need to calm down. I have things to do with money too, right? In fact, how much is my salary even?” he raised an eyelid.

“Ask them for me. How much is the money o, my dear. I’m as tired as you are.”

“So?” He attempted to draw her closer for a hug but stopped, seeing he was in scrubs and she was still on official wears.

“So you have a patient?” he asked instead.

Grace blinked. “Here? No” then she continued, “But if you mean at home, then yes!”

Confusion filled Ben’s face as he stared at her like someone high on cheap weed. “What are you talking about?”

“My mum. My mum is a thousand patient in one.” She chuckled with excitement. “In fact, one needs patience to deal with my mum’s kind of patient.” She laughed at her own joke.

Ben managed a faint smile.

Then it dawned on Grace that he didn’t ask about the older woman’s journey despite the fact that she hinted him about it while at lunch in his house the other day.

“I’m sorry about your mum’s health, please. Hope she’s recuperating?”

                  Grace nodded in the affirmative, feeling this deep urge to talk about how that she didn’t think her mum was really unwell, how she must have used the ‘I feel weak’ line as a gimmick to come visit her at all cost. She wanted to tell him what made these thoughts feel right to her. First, the woman wasn’t showing any sign of weakness, secondly, she could bet on her next salary that her mother had come all the way to discuss marriage with her. Even though she hadn’t brought herself to saying it yet, it was only a matter of time. She had all these bottled up in her mind, seeking release to the outside world but Ben’s body language deterred her. The man was stealing glances in the direction of the theatre.

He ought to be in there, Grace reaffirmed to herself.

“How about dinner in my place tomorrow? Mum would be excited to meet you.” She blushed carelessly.

“Ehm? How about I call you after work to talk?” Ben said hastily.

For a second, Grace thought he’s not excited about seeing her mother but she waved the thought off as soon as it came. Perhaps, he’s completely distracted.

“Later, beautiful doc.” He teasingly touched her cheeks before pulling and disappearing behind the glass door.

Grace smiled at that act and continued walking down the veranda.


                   The car came to a halt right in front of the gate. They both let out a loud breath before turning to face each other.

“Thank you for agreeing to come.”

“Anything for you, Gracey! At least, we’ll eat lunch here today.”

A light smile appeared on Grace’s face. “I’m sorry for the embarrassment in advance.” She stepped down, opened the gate and walked in front of him.

“There’s nothing Kay cannot handle.”

It was usual for Kay to sound boisterous and it’s only people who didn’t know him that would take offense.

Grace tapped on the door lightly and it opened, as though her mother was right there waiting for her to knock.

“Hi mum!” she hugged the older woman and withdrew in the twinkle of an eye.

“Mrs. Philips?” Kay stretched out his right hand and the woman took it. “Such a pleasure to finally meet you. Gracey has told me a lot about you!”

Grace rolled her eyeballs. Whenever she told him ‘a lot’ about her mother!

“Anyway, mum, meet Dr. Kayode Excellence. My friend I told you about.”

“Wow!” Mrs. Eju Philips exclaimed, finding her voice for the first time. “He’s really as cute as you told me.”


“Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll be better after he sees me. Both on the health issue and the marriage one…”

“Mum!” Grace cut in, alarmed.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Philips…”

“Mum… you can call me mum.” The other woman corrected

Grace couldn’t believe her ears as Kay swallowed and obediently said,

“Don’t worry, mum. Your daughter is in safe hands.”

“With you, I’m assured of that!”

Grace walked away from them into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and took out a fruit juice. Whatever drama her mother and Kay were acting had better be over soon.


Donald gently placed the little girl on her bed. He pulled a light duvet over her head before pecking her forehead. As he straightened himself, a yawn escaped him. He tiredly trudged towards his bedroom.

“Hey, baby!” he waved at the woman sitting at the desk and typing away on her MacBook.

“She’s asleep?” Rhoda took her eyes off the screen for a second and then she noticed how exhausted her husband looked as he nodded to her question in the affirmative.

She bit her lips. There was one person who constantly reminded her about how unfair she was to be bringing left-over work home.

Home is family time. Let office matters end in the office, Rhodess. Don’t destroy your family to win world most enterprising woman or whatever your goal is.” her voice still echoed loudly in her ears.

“How about you? Aren’t you supposed to sleep yet?” Donald came to lovingly caress her shoulders.

Rhoda closed her eyes, taking the moment in as much as she could.

“Did I tell you she called me some days ago?”

Donald let his hands stay on the job while his ears did the listening. “No, you didn’t, but it’s fine.” He smiled. “Hope she’s settling in well?”

“I came in from the board meeting to see her calls among my piled up list of missed calls. I had to return hers immediately.” She laughed but it was as brief as that. Nothing in that regard was an easy capsule to swallow.

“You know she would be fine, yeah?” Donald’s voice sounded reassuring.

Rhoda took in a deep breath and held it. “I really hope so!”

To be continued…

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