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Leceister has done it again!!

Leceister has done it again! wait! I meant to type ‘ Leceister city just sacked their manager ‘ Craig Shakespeare got sacked as Leceister city manager after four months  as Foxes manager! Currently, Foxes are actually playing hide and seek at the third position; when you start counting from the …

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Nimi Peters – Episode Ten

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo EPISODE TEN Mr Johnson sipped his mixed-fruits green tea as he scrolled through one of his three Ipads, sorting out the lots and lots of mails he got over the past few days he spent at the hospital. Being an extremely lazy person when it …

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Nimi Peters – Episode Nine

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo EPISODE NINE Tolu drew longer from the pipe. He sneezed suddenly and blessed himself. He hasn’t been able to wrap his head around what next to do ever since the last time Joelyn was here. He regretted threatening and scaring her away with a knife …

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NIMI PETERS – Episode eight

NIMI PETERS by Grace Ochigbo EPISODE EIGHT “I arrived at your door for the first time almost two years ago. I was incredibly scared but I tried to pretend I was fine as I usually do.” She smiled quickly. “I had worked up myself days before by trying to answer …

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‘Nimi Peters – Episode Four

‘NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE FOUR Fiyin trudged into the sitting room and threw her handbag away as though she was mad at it. She removed the lid from the large bucket they use to preserve drinking water and drew out from it into a cup. The water gave …

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‘Nimi Peters – Episode Three

‘NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE THREE The door fled open and Goldie literally jumped over Nimi, roughening his neatly ironed plane shirt. Nimi didn’t mind as he had missed her too. He grabbed her up in his hand while the other hand held tightly to the doll box he …

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‘Nimi Peters – Episode Two

‘NIMI PETERS BY GRACE OCHIGBO EPISODE TWO Nimi pulled over at his car park tiredly. He wished something would miraculously disconnect his phone from the Bluetooth device hanging onto his left ear. He could drop a call on anyone else, definitely not on his mother. His craziness was never getting …

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‘NIMI PETERS – Episode One

When you realise that all you have ever known about yourself is only a tip of the iceberg as to who you really are, then you understand, much more than the geographic theory of ‘the earth being spherical’, that life itself is a merry-go-round. (GRACE OCHIGBO ’17) EPISODE ONE Getting …

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