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So here’s to help you shop appropriately for a gift you want to present to me on my wedding day. 

I will be going to a few notable departmental stores(will announce their names and address) to drop on their bridal registry computers the list of everything my husband and I would like to receive on our wedding day.

Please check the registry and get items from the bucket-list. I’d rather you monetize your gifts than present something I won’t like.


But I’m serious!

The list won’t be outrageous, don’t fret! I’m more particular about color matching and designs of items for my new home. Why I need you to buy from the list or monetize. The list also helps you to know which item has been gotten, to avoid monotony.

I know friends that love me will buy one of my favorites – pressure king electric pressure cooker. That will cost you around 40k or more but I’m sure you won’t mind the price?😀

Something like this 😀

You will bask in the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you aided my making meals for hubby in a huge way, especially at the beginning of our marriage.

Now imagine this.

What if after the wedding, my husband and I use this expensive pressure cooker you got for us as water container for our dogs?

Sound ridiculous?


But does the misuse of this expensive item make it less valuable? 

Once retrieved and washed up, can I start using it to cook as it should have been? 


Even though it’s been misused and abused, it can still be used for the valuable purpose for which it was created!

Sadly, many of us (especially young women) who are beautiful beyond description and valuable beyond measure have lost sight of just how precious we are and now view ourselves as dirty and worthless because we have been used, at a point or the other, in a way that God never intended.

Abuse comes in many forms -physical, verbal, and sexual-and can come from a variety of relationships, such as strangers, boyfriends, employers, husband, coworkers, friends, and relatives. 

All abusers are selfish in that they use someone in ways that aren’t consistent with how they deserve to be treated as a precious child of God. 

But YOU dear, remember you’re a child of God, a royal blood! Even if someone had treated you less than royalty, never forget who you really are. You are worthy of respect. Don’t allow the cycle of abuse to continue to destroy your life. 

Pick yourself up and let the Holy Spirit purge you clean! Draw a line in the sand and refuse to allow your future to be hindered by your past.

God has great things in store for you as you seek to discover the true purpose for which you were created – a divine purpose indeed!

I celebrate you, dear!

Ps: This write up was inspired from the book EVERY YOUNG WOMAN’S Battle by Shannon Ethridge and Steven Artenburn (you should read it)


~Grace Ochigbo




About Grace Ochigbo

Grace Ochigbo is a Christian, storyteller, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Gemstone Sickle Cell Aid Team, a non-profit organizations working to end Sickle Cell Disease. email;

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  1. Grace,this is another great way of reaffirming God’s love for us especially we females who analyze every action or words spoken to us. Thanks for giving yourself to this service. You’re such a blessing.

  2. Awesome! I really love this. Thank you so much for the reminder, sis.
    I am a child of God. A royal blood! I rejoice!

  3. This is beautiful dear…

    We need this kind of message…

    Thank you

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