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LAGOS TRAFFIC – My first experience

Some things happened yesterday that reminded me of my first ever journey to Lagos. For someone who’s adventure-inclined, it’s one of my most unadventurous journey. I had heard tales, enough to draw the map of Lagos even before getting there. The first line precautions from all the Lagosians is heavy traffic. And to be honest, may you not run into holy ghost convention traffic on your way through Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. You’ll sleep there – literally. So you get what I mean by unadventurous trip? Let’s use ‘frustration’ for lack of a better word.
The traffic that fateful hot afternoon was terrible. The bus wasn’t air-conditioned, mind you. So I had to deal with heat and noise from the original owners of the road (the agberos). Traffic wardens were working hard, mehn! But all that one Na joke. From no where, a trailer drove into our front and the driver was made to step hardly on the brake. Some people’s head hit something, wood or metal alike. It was messy.
Interestingly, the opposite side of the road – the one leading out of Lagos – was moving smoothly, in fact, if there’s something smoother than smooth. It looked like my patience was just being tested for nothing. And you know the annoying part is when your folks call to inquire about your whereabouts. “20mins ago, you were at redeem, another 2hrs, you are still at redeem?” Their questions will almost make you drop from the bus and trek. Moreover, that length of time in traffic is long enough to leg it to Ikeja. Lol(don’t you dare).
In that condition, in no time, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. More painful was that the other side was moving freely and there’s a means to divert to that lane if we wanted. And I almost mentioned it o.
Wait. Before you think me to have gone crazy
Traffic was heavy on my lane. The directly opposite lane was moving clearly. They may be moving in the opposite direction but they were moving anyway. It’s movement not the goal? All road Na road na, abi?So why can’t we just go there?
“Became it’s not the route to your destination! How can you join the route going out of Lagos cos of traffic impeding your own journey to Lagos?” I can hear you screaming back at me.
But it’s that not what you do Everytime?
God shows you a path to take, few miles in that journey, you hit a major traffic. And because God often shows you the glistering beautiful products and spares you the process so you don’t get discouraged before the work starts, you start feeling like he’s abandoned you in the middle of nowhere. Seriously?
Because of traffic in your path of life, you want to take a detour? An opposite route won’t get you where He’s taking you. Your friend’s path may be traffic free but ain’t we all running our own race? if you are sure you are still on the right track – the one God showed you the whole time – STAY PUT THERE. Heavy traffic is not the end of the road!

©Grace Ochigbo

May 2019



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Grace Ochigbo is a Christian, storyteller, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Gemstone Sickle Cell Aid Team, a non-profit organizations working to end Sickle Cell Disease. email;

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