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Something happened to me last night.


No one called me cockroach in their cupboard biko! I cannuur come and be a cockroach at this stage of my life. Haha

But this my inability to sleep early no matter how tiring my day was will land me in trouble soonest

It can be so serious that long after night devotion, when normal people are sleeping, you’ll hear the fridge opening.
Unekwu is taking water to drink in the middle of the night. Haha

So after all the up and down yesterday night, I finally forced my eyes shut.

Kilode! Shebi the lord gives His beloveth sleep na😀

In less than ten minutes, something flew onto my back. The way I jumped up eh? Didn’t know I still had acrobatic skills.
Believe me.

I found the wall switch and in one second, the whole room lit up

That was when I saw it

The tiny thing ran from my bed to the wardrobe

First I hissed. Then with anger, I found a shoe and headed for the wardrobe.

A tiny cockroach had hit giant me and stood me up from my long awaited beauty sleep?

I killed the animal in one hit (apologies to animal right guys).🙏

By the time I landed on my bed again I was just murmuring “can you people just imagine?”

Something dawned on me in that instant.

The cockroach gave me that much scare cos the room was dark. The darkness brought many ideas to my head as the insect hit me.

It could have been anything bigger yeah like a scorpion,


But it could also have been anything smaller – way smaller sef!☺️

All I needed to determine that was what?


I needed light to determine that it was just a mere cockroach

Dear, light on that part of your life scaring the life out of you may be all you need to see that the problem isn’t even an inch as large as your thumb.

Light on that confusion, frustration, and disorientation may be all you need to see the glory of the lord risen upon you and yours

Arise dear, shine! For your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

Receive illumination in your path today and evermore!!💕


Grace Ochigbo



About Grace Ochigbo

Grace Ochigbo is a Christian, storyteller, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Gemstone Sickle Cell Aid Team, a non-profit organizations working to end Sickle Cell Disease. email;

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