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The twist of change

The Twist Of Change.
‘Change begins with me’. Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari.
I know a lot of eyebrows will be raised just on hearing this statement just as they were raised when the statement was made by the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. Mixed feelings were felt because people actually thought, ‘change’ should begin with the government and not they, the citizens.
Wait a minute, let’s dive a little deeper into this whole idea of ‘change’. This is important because comprehending and applying it have the ability to redesign our lives.
Something in our hearts jump up when we hear the word “Change” because people desire and crave for it. Change, is one word that has been overly overused and over flogged but its application remains rare. The following are pointers indicating why many are not actually taking responsibility for change.

– Not Taking chances: A lot of us have become complacent, staying in a dead-end job, relationship or situation for years despite being unsatisfied and unhappy. We are trapped in our fears and have no plans for developing an exit strategy. It was Steve Bloom who said ‘such people have lost hope and just mindlessly go through it in order to maintain the status quo’, and if I may add, pay their bills.

– Existing instead of living: Some people wake up and spend everyday without a purpose. They feel like everything is out of their control. They’re simply occupying space and time. Those I personally refer to as ‘exist-ers’ (only existing). Those who ‘live’ (livers) on the other hand, take control and know they determine the path their live takes.

– Not Open-minded: Open-mindedness helps us to learn, grow and change. This strengthens our belief in ourselves . This is what we need to decode our own epic.
Some people do not grow and change because they think they have known all there is to know about life. Such people think that formal education is all there’s to education and stop learning after school .
– Not Being Curious: Listen to Donald Latumahina, ‘if you accept the world just as it is without trying to dig deeper, you will certainly lose the ‘holy curiosity‘. Do not always take things for granted. Try to dig deeper beneath the surface of what is around you’.
Do it now, Take charge, create the change you desire, be open-minded, take chances, be curious. Prepare to win. Things doesn’t just change, people prepare for and take responsibility for change.
Whatever we positively have to do to get to the next level in life would be worth the effort in the end.
Let’s end this piece by asking some rhetorical questions
What amount of control do you have over your life?
What do you want to do to gain more control over your life?
Are you an exist-er or a liver?
The best thing about creating your own change is that when you do, you will not only change your life but influence change in other people’s lives.
#This is operation Create YOUR CHANGE.
#I’m a nonpartisan fellow but an advocate of CHANGE.



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