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Change ignited by Choice

Isn’t it true that we all want to be happier, earn more money and have more of the good things of life? What of good relationships with spouse, family and friends, who does not desire these?
Over the course of time, there are a lot of ‘whys’ that I try to find answers to and I think it’s what some of us should Ponder upon.
– Why are some people not living their ideal lives?
– Why are some people happy generally with their lives, career and family and some are not ?
– Why do some people follow their passion and others live just to get by?
I discovered that some of the reasons for the aforementioned behaviors are as follows:
1. Maintaining the status quo – Following the trend and old doldrums way of doing things make people resistant to progress.
2. Contentment with mediocrity – Being content with just putting ‘body and soul together’.
3. Not making right choices – this is connected to the second point. Whatever we are today results from accumulated choices over the years. Truth be told, we choose the direction of our lives. It means that if we are wealthy, poor, Happy, sad, it’s as a result of our actions and inactions in the course of time.
4. Fear of the unknown – Fear hold people back from maximizing their potentials. Fear of failure makes some too afraid to try great things, keeping them in their comfort zone and not thinking outside the box.
5. Refusing to learn. Not embracing informal education after school.
6. Not taking initiative.
7. Refusing to take responsibility – blaming everything and everyone one but ourselves for problems and not seeking to find solutions.
8. Having a victim’s mentality.
9. Laziness.
Following, if we want to change the course of our lives to get the things we really desire like health, wealth, happiness and love with all the freedom that comes with following our passion, we should
+ Challenge the status quo
+ Embrace positive changes
+ Make right choices
+ Grow
+ Become learners
+ Take initiatives
+ Take responsibility
+ Search for new solutions
+ Explore
+ Invent things.
Speaking frankly, we’re not tied to our situations or present circumstances, because we’re not robots. We can change, we can be happy or happier, enjoy more of the good things of life, love and be loved.
This is the conclusion of the matter. If I may be brave to say this, my advice will be to reiterate this quote by Jim Rohn…
‘If You Don’t Like How Things Are, Change It, You’re Not A Tree’.

I choose to change. I choose wisdom over mediocrity, greatness over insignificance, happiness over sadness, love above hate.
So, what will you positively do today to be happier, healthier, earn more money and get more of the good things of life?
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#choose wisely




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Grace Ochigbo is a Christian, storyteller, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Gemstone Sickle Cell Aid Team, a non-profit organizations working to end Sickle Cell Disease. email;

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