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The Teeth

1 out of every 5 persons have teeth disease in which they are managing.
The teeth is an essential part of digestion of food. If there is a problem, it means digestion of certain foodstuffs will be affected.
How then can we take proper care of our teeth to prevent teeth disease. What do you know about teeth disease?

Diseases of the teeth.
1. Gingivitis: when plaque sticks on the teeth, it can lead to inflammation of the Gum. If care is not taken it can sometimes lead to another disease called Periodontitis.
2. Periodontitis
3. Malocclusion: misalignment of the teeth. It is hereditary.
4. The most popular disease humans rarely find solutions to is
TOOTH Decay.

Some of the Symptoms of this decay may include;

1. Bad breadth
2. Bleeding while brushing
3. Gum become swollen
4. Fragile tooth
5. Deep red gum.

The fact that one don’t brush daily doesn’t mean one will be affected by teeth desease.
It may infect one through Nutrition, dry mouth etc.
Having understood these, how can one take proper care with one teeth

Care for the Teeth
1. Brush at least once daily
2. Floss your teeth at least once daily to complement second time you should brush
3. Rinse your mouth often with water
4. Avoid sugary food like sweet. If at all you will take it, use water after eating
5. Avoid bottle feeding your wards

How then do we brush?
Brush softly. Wash from the top, bottom, front and back.
Thanks for taking your time to read this.
Bless a life with it.
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