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Shed some weight.


To gain weight or lose it is not really the matter , the most important thing is to be aware of the side you fall on. I could vividly remember one man I engaged in conversation about his new look (chubby) , he said “there is no antidote to his overweight”. Though you can’t change it but you should be able to tell if you are losing or gaining weight.

What does it mean to lose weight
It simply mean losing calories. Calories are gotten from the consumption of food.

Is it only fat people that lose weight?
Just like everyone eats, so also everyone can lose weight. Either directly(knowingly) or indirectly.

Is it then possible to lose weight without knowing?

Whenever human experiences a change(of environment), one main thing that happens in the process of adaptation is weight loss(can be sometimes unnoticeable). But after a while, everything comes back to normal.
So don’t worry about loss of weight due to change, its just one of the ways of adaptation.

What other causes can make you lose weight?

Feeding yourself with all the classes of food is the best thing. But with the economy recession that has hit the world’s  economy,  where people find it hard to even take a meal. Then that one meal is most times carbohydrates mainly. Why won’t weight loss be the order of the day.
Losing weight requires close to an hour a day of moderate exercise; the more exercise you do everyday the more calories you burn

Anorexia ; loss of appetite, can cause weight reduction.
Intestinal disorder; This can slow absorption rate. No wonder some people complain of eating much but gaining little or no weight.
Liver or Kidney diseases etc.

Most depressed people will not feed well. In this case, you need to hurry up,  get rid of all your worries and try to consume some fruit more than carbohydrate.

Most contaminated food taken will end up as waste product. You may see it as eatable but it’s  sometimes dangerous , so the body absorbs just a small ratio compare to the load you have taken.

If you are Obese  and you intentionally want to lose weight, the advisable food include………………….

To be continued

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