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Health benefits of Honey


Do you know Honey can boost your Memory?
For Ladies, do you know Honey is a natural Hair conditioner?
For guys, do you know Honey can solve Dandruff problems?
Find out more as you go through this.
I guarantee it would do you a lot of good.
What can Honey do?

1. Honey gives Energy
Because of high content of Glucose and Fructose, it boost energy quickly. It enters into the system so fast that it produces energy for the person using it. 1 tablespoon of honey will give 15calories of energy. For those adapted to coffee early in the morning, instead of using processed sugar to sweeten your coffee, honey is advisable.

*2. Provide Natural immunity against Allergies
Whenever you take honey, it goes straight into your immune system and produces antibodies that help against the attack by Allergies. Most Allergies are attached to seasons, so whenever its getting closer you can use honey to avert it.

*3. Memory booster
Many of our old men and women so far have been fighting demantia (Alzheimer’s disease). Good news is that honey helps against demantia. _Research has it that honey may help post menopausal women’s memory stay sharp by taking a spoon daily_.

4. It induces sleep
Are you finding it hard to sleep? You do not have to experience sleepless night again. Honey is good therapy for that. I would not like to bother you with the chemistry behind it but you can contact us for more info about that.

*5. For Burnt patient, honey is Good
As a natural antibiotics, honey can kill bacteria at the sight of the burn allowing it heal up with time naturally.

*6. Hair conditioner
Mix honey with olive oil, apply it to your hair and wash after 30minutes. For ladies, its very economical and natural, a good hair conditioner.

*7. Weight Loss
When you take honey with warm water, what does it do? It helps to digest stored body fat. For someone looking for a way to reduce fat, honey is there for you.

In conclusion, honey has lots of importance as it can fight against cancer, reduce aging process (antioxidant properties), etc. Honey is an essential element for every kitchen, do you have it in yours?

Good news is that to extract honey, you do not have to kill the bees.

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