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Environmental pollution

I could not stop asking myself, what has become the cause of this? I keep wondering what it could have been.
While travelling some days ago, I could not help just pondering over why the life span of the giant of Africa ( Nigeria) has drastically reduced to 53years (according to United Nations Development Program). My thought about this was not far fetched, I vividly remember a scenario on the commercial bus I boarded
From the very first day a child is born he is exposed to poisonous environmental gases. This and other factors have contributed to the reduction in life span but let’s  see some of those gases, sources, effects and probably how we can care for ourselves.

Poisonous Gases include;
1. Carbon monoxide,
2. Nitrogen dioxide,
3. Chlorofluorocarbon,
4. Almost all cyanides
5. Particulate matter like dust

Sources of these gases can include;
Industrial wastes
Domestic fumes
Automobile exhaust

They simply pollute the atmospheric oxygen which can lead to insufficient oxygen in an environment. This could result in damage to the lungs, Heart and even the brain(some people tend to have migraines).

I’m sharing this out of a saddened heart and the unfortunate era we find ourselves.
some of the negative effects of technology has caused death rate in so many countries to increase to higher rate.
Though there is still a way man can  deal with such environments, you can manage the situation.

How? By;
1. Planting trees in your vicinity,
2. Get a nose cover if you are working close to an industrial area,
3. Exhaust of those gases should be directed away from Human dwellings,
4. Also proper nutrition,  as you need your body system to boost immunity.

Ladies and gentlemen, you believe out of this write up you can actually save a whole generation by sharing this.
Thanks for your time.
By Waleunique

© *2017*



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Grace Ochigbo is a Christian, storyteller, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Gemstone Sickle Cell Aid Team, a non-profit organizations working to end Sickle Cell Disease. email;

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